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1800.00 $

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  • (Kodiak Island)
  • April 12, 2017
Large Tibetan Mastiff male puppy with Pedigree. $1800 plus a $200 deposit. Only a few boys left, hurry. Hi, I’m Michelle and I have a very special pair of Tibetan mastiffs: Alpha Varg and Kailee. I can trace my dog’s pedigree back nine generations. They also have excellent lineage, free of hip dysplasia, eye disease or thyroid disease. Healthy and happy! I am a breeder, not a kennel. My puppies were born and hand raised in my home. So these are important things to consider when choosing your rare breed puppy. My puppies are healthy, well socialized and playful. When you get one of my special Tibetan Mastiff puppies, you also will receive their pedigree which has a long line of healthy and strong Tibetan Mastiffs. This is not all that makes them special. You can also be comfortable in knowing you are getting such a dog from right here in the Center of the United States. This makes getting to their new home easier. My puppies are not outside in kennels away from people. I delivered this litter with momma right here in the comfort of her home on a bed, not outside in a kennel. This really makes a difference in how your puppy grows and develops. They were touched and loved from the first moment they entered the world and continued to be handled and loved every day of their life. They have developed close bonds with their parents, brothers and sisters, and family and friends. Something else that is special is you can hand pick your pup if you come to our open house after their first set of shots! Come hand hold your reserved pup while he is being weaned! Meet your breeder in person! I am located in Eden, Colorado right off the interstate. You can pick your puppy via video, skype, or Facebook and have your puppy flown to you on Pet Safe Air Travel. This really is very best of everything. Our puppies come with their birth certificate, entry into the Tibetan Mastiff pedigree database, copy of both mom and dad's pedigrees, a copy of their individual pedigree, a health certificate from the vet along with their shots before leaving, weekly pictures sent to you of the pups, sample bag of puppy food to go home with, and a blanket they were trained on for sleep, stay, and calm for their transition. Visit my website at http://rarebreedstm.us/ That's Dot U S ".us" for a United States breeder! CKC registration filed, pending. My puppies can go with you after May 1st when they are 10 weeks old. Get to know our pups! Come to the meet and greet or visit us on Facebook, Youtube, or the webpage. Thank you for looking at our special Tibetan Mastiff puppies. Michelle of Rarebreeds.

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